Oh hey, I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. (Note: I have adjusted the colors of the image a bit and removed a scratch mark.)

Aww @ Charles looking all prim, proper, and professorial with his hands behind his back. And Emma is miraculously clothed! She’s not even showing any cleavage. What is happening. Meanwhile, Raven and Moira appear to have switched skirt lengths at some point. I don’t particularly recall Moira having bared that much leg (well, other than that time she stripped to her underwear during her very first scene, natch), but I hadn’t realized that this was what she was wearing when she first met Charles. Also, that huge X over their heads combined with all the bright lights makes me think they’re in an episode of the X-Files and about to be abducted by a bunch of aliens.

And excuse me, but WHERE THE HELL IS DARWIN?